LOCAL weather watchers have recorded some interesting statistics over the weekend.

Jason Thornton, of Sedbergh, says on Twitter that yesterday, over the town's Winder Fell, there was a wind gust of 73.7mph with a minus 9 wind chill.

And the Arnside-based Cumbria Weather, which runs the @CumbriaWeather account on Twitter, declared today (Sunday February 9) as the 43rd consecutive day with recorded rain.

It says this year's 279.2mm of rain has been recorded so far in 2014 - equivalent to 10 inches over six weeks.

On Saturday, @CumbriaWeather says peak guests were recorded at Great Dun Fell of 74mph, with St Bees Head on the west coast of Cumbria notching 58mph, while Shap saw 55mph recorded.

Today's forecast for Cumbria is for heavy rain, a maximum temperature of 7c (45F) and a minimum temperature of 2C (36F).

The Environment Agency has three flood alerts in place for the Cumbria area on Sunday but by comparison, the South East has 124 alerts and 84 of the more serious flood warnings - meaning immediate action is required.

The South West has two severe flood warnings in place - the highest level of alert and meaning 'severe flooding and a danger to life'. 

Flood alerts are the lowest level of alert and mean that flooding is possible and people should be prepared.

Flood alerts in Cumbria  relate to the lower River Eden and its tributaries from its confluence with the River Irthing through Crosby-on-Eden and Carlisle to the Solway Firth at Rockcliffe.

There is also an alert in place for the upper River Eden.

The upper River Derwent, Stonethwaite Beck and Derwentwater at Keswick also remain at risk of flooding, says the agency, which issued the warning on February 5.