A FINANCIAL advisor from North Yorkshire has made her TV debut on the BBC Breakfast show.

Fiona Robinson, 50, ‘jumped at the chance’ to appear in a four- minute slot where she discussed interest rate movements and their effects on mortgage and savings rates.

Mrs Robinson, who lives with her husband Paul in the hamlet of Keasden, near Clapham, said: “I was a little nervous to start with, as I’d never been on television before, but once the live interview started, the whole conversation with my interviewer was very natural and seemed to go well.”

An Independent financial advisor for 18 years, Mrs Robinson has worked mainly in the South Lakes and north Lancashire and joined the Private Wealth arm of national firm Chase de Vere in 2011.

Mrs Robinson is set to make more appearances for the BBC which is sourcing North West experts as a result of its move from London to Salford.