POLICE in South Cumbria are urging bike owners to lock up their cycles after a burglary in Kendal.

Offenders forced entry to the garage of a property on Helme Drive, Kendal and once inside stole two mountain bikes which together are valued at around £4000.

The burglary occurred sometime between 5am on the February 14 and 4pm on the February 18. Police would like to take this opportunity to remind bike-owners to be vigilant and take safety measures on board to help prevent them being a victim of bike theft.

Terry Belshaw, community safety officer for the South Lakes area, said: “Pedal cycles are a convenient and healthy way to travel and most South Cumbrian households have at least one – however they are also a valuable target for thieves.

"We are working hard to bring offenders to justice and return stolen property to rightful owners however we need the public’s help. By taking a few extra precautions and following some simple steps, such as locking up their cycles, owners can help prevent themselves becoming victims of thieves.

“Never leave your cycle on view unattended and unlocked - even if only for a short time outside your home, on the back of your car, or when you are just popping into a shop.

"Cycles should not be left unattended for long periods, i.e. outside the house overnight. If kept in a garage or shed they should be secured, preferably to an immovable object, and they should not be on view to passers-by. The shed or garage should of course be secured with a lock. Also audio alarms for garage or sheds can be a useful deterrent to thieves.

“When travelling with cycles on the car, try not to leave them unattended on a car park overnight, but if that is a necessity, think about where and how you park - make it difficult for the thief.

“Remember when securing your cycle with a lock to make sure it attached is to an immovable object - one that cannot be lifted over the locking device. Use two locks wherever possible, and try and lock the wheels and the frame to an immovable point.

"Always have your cycle security marked, bike marking is an effective deterrent and enables police to return found and stolen cycles to the owners. A little thought about cycle security will go a long way to ensuring that your bicycle remains in your possession and not that of a thief.

“Remember if you are offered a cheap deal that’s a bargain, is it stolen? Handling stolen goods is an offence, it is better to be safe than sorry.”

Any witnesses to the burglary, or anyone who has been offered a bike for sale under suspicious circumstances, is urged to call police on 101.