PROPOSALS are being developed which will see changes to the way the Cumbria NHS Trust is governed.

The changes are to be made after both internal and external reviews showed the trust’s current structures and processes were ‘not as effective as they should be’.

“These proposals are about putting clinicians in control of decisions about patient care by strengthening our clinical leadership so that services are run by experts in their field,” explained Dr Alan Swann, interim medical director.

“We are also changing our systems and processes so that it will be easier for staff to make changes for the benefit of their patients at the frontline.

“It will allow our clinical services to create clear and consistent standards and improved outcomes for our patients across the county. It will allow also us to provide more joined up care and ultimately improve patient satisfaction and confidence.”

The Trust is facing an increasing number of challenges, such as increased demand on services from an ageing population presenting with more complex needs and increased financial pressure.

Claire Molloy, chief executive of the Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, added: "Local arrangements have been built into our plans so that we can still work with our health and social care partners on the ground to provide the best possible experience for our patients.

“This is one part of a number of actions we are taking to improve quality, transform our services and the culture of the organisation in the coming months.”

The proposals are subject to staff consultation and therefore subject to change.

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