AN off-road 4x4 adventure company has teamed up with an environmental group to plant 1,000 trees.

Kankku, based in Windermere, has joined Windermere Reflections for the project in Ambleside.

The company has made land available at Scandale Beck, which will help reduce sediment run-off into the streams and becks that supply Windermere, improving water quality.

Nick Fieldhouse, owner of Kankku, said: “We’re always doing stuff like this behind the scenes. The landscape is our livelihood and we do all we can to preserve it.”

He also said Kankku worked hard to challenge some of the negative perceptions of off-road driving and environmental awareness had long been part of the business.

Windermere Reflections project officer Amanda Luxmoore said: “We are pleased to have the help of a local business in planting trees which will ultimately protect the lake and we are really grateful for all their efforts and for the assistance of Cumbria Woodlands and the Woodland Trust.”

Kankku says this is the latest action in its 14-year history of operating sustainably.

Tree planting on its most recent venture began at Scandale Beck in February.

For further information about Kankku and its projects, both now and in the future, visit www.kankku.