A PROPOSED 189-home development on the edge of Kendal has come under scrutiny from residents.

South Lakeland District Council hosted a busy consultation event at Kendal Town Hall, where plans for the Stainbank Green development - on greenbelt land the size of 14 football pitches - were laid bare for around 120 residents to cast their eyes over.

“Obviously there’s got to be development, particularly affordable housing,” said Kendal resident, David King, who attended the event.

“I think it’s been useful to look at the plans today.

“But if I’m concerned about anything it’s whether the new houses will fit in with the existing houses nearby.

“I also think people going from there (the new development) to Kendal will go down Vicarage Drive, which is already very busy.”

Several people wrote their thoughts on post-it notes, which were later collected in.

One said: “Cedar Grove would become a rat run!”

While another asked why only 35 per cent of the new houses will be affordable.

This was echoed by Peter Wickwar, who lives on nearby Heath Close.

“I just think there’s so much new housing but people can’t find jobs,” he said.

“Are they going to build the houses just for them to stand empty? If people can’t find jobs, how can they get a mortgage?

“I accept we need more homes but not if they’re so expensive nobody can buy them.”

The plans, for land behind Stainbank Road and Underwood, are some of Kendal’s largest in several years and one of the biggest to arise out of the newly-adopted Local Plan for South Lakeland.

They form part of South Lakeland District Council’s overall plans to build 5,200 across the district, 35 per cent of which will be ‘affordable’.

Concerns were also raised about the effect of the development on wildlife and the loss of a rural area.

But most people said they accepted development was necessary.

“I’m not saying I’m pleased it’s happening, but more houses are needed,” added Richard Sutton, of Birchwood Close.

Developers Russell Armer Ltd and Story Homes are both bidding to build the homes.