WOMEN across South Lakeland have taken to baring all on social media thanks to a charity craze sweeping the world.

Dozens of people have gone make-up free, posting a ‘no-make-up selfie’ photo on Twitter or Facebook, as part of a campaign to raise money and awareness for Cancer Research UK.

“It’s really important for everyone, not just women, to know the signs of cancer,” explained Alex Rhodes, of Bentham, who posted her own picture on Twitter on Monday.

“The no-make-up selfie has done so much to raise awareness in the last couple of weeks.

“Who would have thought something so simple could make such a big impact and lead to so many donations?”

The warts and all ‘selfies’ - photos taken of oneself - have been posted to encourage people to text a donation to the charity.

It it claimed the idea was inspired by actress Kim Novak, who attended the Oscars without make-up on.

Women all over the world began posting their own snaps - and an estimated £8million has now been raised through text donations.

Several celebrities have also joined in the craze, including Katherine Jenkins, Holly Willoughby and Lady Gaga.

Christine Knipe, chief executive of the Westmorland County Agricultural Society, encouraged others to do the same.

“Research into cancer is a cause I feel passionately about,” she explained, after posting her own, with the hashtag #nomakeupselfie.“The more research undertaken, the more chance we’ll have of making a breakthrough to ensure people survive the disease.”

She also said the campaign had encouraged more women to check for signs of breast cancer.

“It’s about raising awareness,” she continued. ”Because if we know what to do and are aware of what to do then it’ll hopefully improve our own health.”


Peter Thornton, leader of South Lakeland District Council, also took to Twitter to air his thoughts on the craze.

“Err, dangerous ground I know,” he said. “But am I the only one who thinks that the “No Make Up Pictures” can be better than the ones with the slap on?”

However, several women said they had found it daunting.

“I often go without makeup at the weekend,” continued Miss Rhodes, 27. “But like most women I don’t usually show the rest of the world!”

A Cancer Research UK spokesman announced this week that the money raised would fund 10 clinical trials.

DONATE HERE: http://www.cancerresearchuk.org/support-us/donate