South Cumbria Musical Festival 2014 finished on a high note with more outstanding music making.

This week The Westmorland Gazette concludes it coverage of the seven-day festival with results and pictures from the second half of the popular event...

TWO of the region’s top male voice choirs came head to head in the final week of the South Cumbria Musical Festival.

K Shoes Male Voice Choir was narrowly beaten by Barrow Male Voice Choir in a close and outstanding contest in the adult choir class.

The Kendal choristers received 90 points but vocal victors Barrow Male Voice Choir pipped them at the post with 91 marks.

Another tuneful tussle ensued In the adult female choir with the Ghyll Singers of Ulverston beaten by only one point by Ottovoce from Milnthorpe, which received a mark of 90.

SCMF chairman Keith Butcher said: “We had an excellent adult choral night on Wednesday. Our adjudicator Ann Lampard was very impressed with all the choirs and had great difficulty in selecting the winners. She said that for the first time in her career, she had awarded two male choirs with 90 and over.”

Wednesday’s vocal classes featured a full day of singing from all school ages, with Ms Lampard giving competitors plenty of encouragement and advice on presentation and singing technique.

Thursday morning featured youth vocal, up to school year 13. Ms Lampard was once again adjudicator and selected Daisy Ball of Ulverston as winner of the Kenneth Hill Memorial Trophy and SCMF Bursary.

In the afternoon Liz Childs was adjudicator for solos, duets, and trios. Duddon Recorder Group of Millom received a mark of 86 which put them in the commended category.

The evening session included strings and adult pianoforte classes. Molly Moss received a mark of 90 for her cello playing and several other performances in the strings classes received distinctions.

Friday adjudicator Liz Childs heard varying styles in the woodwind classes, ranging from classical, 20th and 21st Century music, Disney and movie themes and entertaining duet and trio playing. The standard of performance was high, with several commended and distinction marks awarded.

In the school year 4-6 classes, the Douglas Poulter Memorial Piano Bursary, was awarded to Eloise Ozanne of Grange-over-Sands, and the Martyn Tonge Rosebowl for a promising competitor in any of the piano classes, was awarded to Kendal’s Emily White.

Ms Childs said there was a “lovely range of classes, something for everyone to enter.

“I really enjoyed the performers' commitment to their performing. I have been trying to encourage them to celebrate their talents and to realise how much hard work and commitment goes into making this a successful and positive experience which will enrich their future lives and careers."

At the end of the evening, Ms Childs awarded Molly Moss of Ulverston the Instrumental Bursary and Cumbria Crystal Loving Cup, and Patsy Gillam of Ulverston received the Barrow Soroptomists Instrumental Trophy.

Last, but certainly not least, Gala Night started with guest artistes Furness Music Centre Orchestra, under the direction of Richard Bagnall, followed by appearances from some of the bursary winners. In the Esther C Croskery and Aprille C Bonner Performance Award, Euan Lee of Barrow won a specially commissioned crystal trophy plus a cash prize of £200.

The George Nicholls Young Musician of the Year Award, £100 and a trophy to keep, provided by Furness Newspapers, was also awarded to a talented young Barrovian - Iona Lee.

Other awards made included the Ulverston Town Bursary to St Mary's Catholic Primary School, the Barrow Borough Bursary to Dalton St Mary's C of E School and the Millom Bursary to Holly Clunie.

The evening concluded in fine style courtesy of guest artistes The New Abbey Singers.

SCMF chairman Keith Butcher added that despite the challenges caused by the change in school holidays and several incidents blocking the A590 and delaying competitors from the Grange-over-Sands area, the festival was a tremendous success: “We were well supported by the local schools for choirs, music making and speech classes, and the standards of performance were very high.”


Wednesday vocal

Vocal solos. Up to Year 4, The William Crawford Memorial Cup: 1 Holly Clunie; SCMF Award: 1 Tess Cullen, 2 Holly Clunie, 3= Lucy Hanrahan, Katelyn Laurie; The Aprille C. Butterfield Shield: 1 Holly Clunie; SCMF Award: 1 Holly Clunie. Year 5-6, The Glaxo Cup: 1 Hugh Williams, Katy Bradshaw; The John Croskery Douglan Shield: 1 Varenka Briggs, 2 Rebecca Salton; The Harold Sharpe Memorial Cup: 1 Varenka Briggs, 2 Katie Cullen, Aimee Barker. Year 6, The Raymond McIlroy Pewter Cup: 1 Ellie Blowers. Year 7-9, The Anne Hoyle Shield: 1 Iesha Choudhury; 2 Connor O’Hara; Ulverston Town Mayor’s Shield: 1= Ellie Simons, Lucia Harrington, 2= Imogen Ann Poole, Mathilda Kenny; The Pamela Rose Memorial Cup: 1 Iona Lee, 2 Connor O’Hara, 3 Mia Dobson; The 1st Chapman Bequest Cup: 1= Connor O’Hara, Ellie Simons, 2 Imogen Ann Poole, 3 Lucia Harrington; The Enid Procter Shield: 1 Ellie Simons, 2= Gracie Stewart, Lucia Harrington, 3= Mathilda Kenny, Imogen Ann Poole. Male Voice. 18 plus, The Oxley Developments Rosebowl: 1 Barrow Male Voice Choir, 2 K Shoes Male Voice Choir. Ladies Voice. 18 plus, The Ghyll Singers Trophy: 1 Ottovoce, 2 The Ghyll Singers. The John F. Jennings Shield and Bursary for Young Singers, The John F. Jennings Shield: Varenka Briggs, Lucia Harrington.

Thursday vocal/instrumental

Vocal Duet. Years 7-13 inclusive, The SCMF Galen Duet Plaques: 1 Faye Bowness, Evie Russell-Cohen, 2 Beth Godfrey, Gemma Collins. Vocal Solo. Years 10-13 inclusive, The Ivor Sheldon Cup: 1 Daisy Ball; The 2nd Chapman Bequest Cup: 1 Daisy Ball, 2 Tiffany Charnley, 3 Faye Bowness; The Roy Sheldon Cup: 1 Fay Bowness, 2 Daisy Ball, 3= Florrie Dobson, Ella Boardman; The Walney Junior Amateur Operatic Shield: 1 Florrie Dobson, 2 Faye Bowness, 3= Tiffany Charnley, Daisy Ball; The Frank G Crayston Shield (folk song, unaccompanied): 1 Tiffany Charnley, 2= Ella Boardman, Beth Godfrey. Themed Solo Recital. Years 9-13 inclusive, The Association of English Singers and Speakers Centenary Trophy and Award: 1 Elinore Wadsworth. Novice Recorder Solo. Up to Year 6, The Uren Cup: 1 Charlie Spencer, 2 Natalie Sleigh, 3= Katie Cullen, Max Burrow. Recorder Solo (any recorder). Up to Year 4, The Blencathra Cup: 1 Holly Clunie, 2 Tess Cullen, 3 Leila Higgins; The Judith Pool Shield: 1 Amelie Taylor, 2 Holly Clunie, 3= Amelia Stonier, Leila Higgins. Up to Year 6, The Kilshaw Shield: 1 Tilly Percy, 2 Kodi Jones, 3 Eleanor O’Neill; The Glen Meay Cup: 1= Charlie Spencer, Tilly Percy, 2 Natalie Sleigh. Treble Recorder Solo. Up to Year 6, The Strachan Cup: 1 Tilly Percy, 2 Kodi Jones, 3= Jenny Kitchingman, 3 Lauren Fisher. Recorder Groups(4 or more players) in 3 or more parts. Up to and including Year 6, The Margaret Gleave Shield: 1 Duddon Recorder Group. Recorder solo (any recorder). Years 7-13 inclusive, SCMF Award: 1 Melissa Bell, 2= Cerys Atkinson, Emma Gittins; The Downfield Shield: 1 Cerys Atkinson, 2 Emma Gittins. Novice Strings Solo. Up to and including Year 6, The Dorothy F. Brown Shield: 1 Liz Hampshire. Strings Solo. Classical and Romantic 18th/19th century music, Year 7-9 inclusive, SCMF Award: 1 Laura Brown. Baroque, 17th/18th century music, Years 10-13 inclusive, SCMF Award: 1 Molly Moss. Up to and including Year 6, SCMF Award: 1 Liz Hampshire. Years 7-9 inclusive, The SCMF Dotted Crotchet Award: 1 Laura Brown. Open (any stringed instrument), The Tony Drummond Shield: 1 Molly Moss. Piano Solo. 18 plus, The Don Usher Cup: 1 Peter Wild, 2 Stephen Eccles; Open, The Mabel Dewar Shield: 1 Stephen Eccles, 2 Fiona Butcher, 3 Peter Wild; The Clair Bonner Shield: 1 Peter Wild, 2 Stephen Eccles. The Kenneth Hill Memorial Cup and Bursary: Daisy Ball.

Friday woodwind and piano

Woodwind. Solos. Up to Year 6 - SCMF Award: 1 Patsy Gillam; 2 Eloise Ozanne; 3= Jenny Kitchingman, Helen Lecky-Thompson. Years 7-9 - SCMF Quaver Award: 1 Iona Lee; 2 Jessica Fisher; 3 Lindsey Gibson. SCMF Award: 1 Lindsey Gibson. Years 10-13 - SCMF Award: 1 Ben Elvy; 2 Melissa Bell. Open - The Avoca Shield: 1 Patsy Gillam; 2 Iona Lee. Novice solos. Years 7-9 - SCMF Demisemiquaver Award: 1 Emma Gittins; 2= Lindsey Gibson, Jessica Fisher. Years 10-13 - SCMF Semiquaver Award: 1 Ben Elvy; 2 Amy Hambly. Duets. Any mixed ages - The Martin Baxter Cup: 1 Melissa Bell and Ruth Cullen.

Piano. Solos. Up to Year 3 - The Iris Henry Award: 1 Edwin Hui. Up to Year 6 (20th/21st century music, 1900 onwards) - The Liz Waller Cup: 1 Eloise Ozanne; 2 Edmund Hui; 3 Lawrence Diffey. Years 4-6 - The Harlyn Shield: 1 Edmund Hui. (Classical and Romantic, composed 1750-1900) - The Vera Wall Award: 1 Michelle Cheung; 2 Edmund Hui; 3 Lawrence Diffey. (Disney Theme) - SCMF Award: 1 Isabella Philipson. Years 7-9 - The Dryden Cup: 1 Thomas Clayton. The Burnsmead Shield: 1 Iona Lee; 2 Jack Matthew Spencer; 3 Connor O’Hara. (Classical and Romantic, composed 1750-1900) - The Gertrude H Leach Shield: 1 Emily White; 2 Connor O’Hara; 3= Alexandra Nicklin, Jade Hird. (20th/21st century music, 1900 onwards) - The Mabel Hargreaves Cup: 1 Iona Lee; 2= Jack Matthew Spencer, Emily White. Years 10-13 - The Lisa Parkes Shield: 1 Olivia Smith. (Classical and Romantic, composed 1750-1900) - The Harold Petersen Lidded Cup: 1 Olivia Smith; 2 Hannah Cleary-Hughes. (20th/21st century music, 1900 onwards) - The Margaret Rizzi Cup: 1 Olivia Smith; 2= Samuel Curwen, Elizabeth Eddy. Up to Year 13 (Baroque, composed 1600-1750) - SCMF Award: 1 Lawrence Diffey. Novice solos. Up to Year 3 - The Sutton Shield: 1 Edwin Hui; 2 Sean Kerr. Years 4-6 - The Hamer Shield: 1 Erica Nicklin; 2 Edmund Hui; 3 Sanjana Singh. Years 7-9 - The Muriel Dixon Shield: 1 Connor O’Hara; 2 Emma Gittins; 3= Kieran Harrop, Ife Bamigboye. Years 10-13 - The DP Music Services Shield: 1 Elizabeth Eddy. Duet/trio, one piano. Years 4-6 - SCMF Cristofori Plaques: 1 Edmund Hui and Lawrence Diffey. Years 7-13 - SCMF Broadwood Plaques: 1 Georgina Evans and Thomas Clayton; 2 Elizabeth Eddy and Olivia Smith; 3 Samuel Curwen and Alex Bloom. Any mixed ages - The SW McIlroy Cup: 1 Samuel Curwen, Alex Bloom and Joe Sharpe.

Trophies/Bursaries. The Instrumental Bursary and Cumbria Crystal Loving Cup: Molly Moss. The Barrow Soroptimists Instrumental Trophy: Patsy Gillam. The Douglas Poulter Memorial Shield and Bursary for Piano: Eloise Ozanne. The Julie Wills Piano Bursary: Michelle Cheung. The Peter Gray Memorial Shield and Bursary for Piano: Olivia Smith. The Martyn Tonge Rosebowl: Emily White.