KENDAL’S driving instructors are urging the county’s highways team to tackle road safety issues in and around the town.

Lists highlighting traffic danger spots have twice been compiled by the Kendal and District Driving Instructors Association and submitted to Cumbria County Council.

But it is claimed that the concerns of the town’s driving instructors are not being acted upon.

Member Glyn Jamieson said the association was told there was no budget to fix the issues.

He accused the highways team of “treating both road safety and their responsibility for the spending of public money with little common sense.”

The council say some improvements have already been carried out.

Mr Jamieson said: “The reason I compiled a list is that I found through running my business, Amber Driving, that learner drivers rely far more on the information given to them by signs and markings.

“Being on the roads all day it becomes clear that certain things are made more difficult, and therefore more dangerous, by incorrect signs and markings or by poor maintenance.”

He added: “I appreciate the council is strapped for money but some of these issues have been going on for so long that it’s just not right.”


The list includes: Lound Road/Parkside Road, where no advance signage means drivers regularly approach in the left lane and continue ahead when they should be in the right lane; traffic lights at Burton Road/Heron Hill/Oxenholme Road cause motorists to stop at the repeater light after passing the first light as the repeater light changes without sufficient delay; Appleby Road/Shap Road where the Give Way sign has disappeared from the junction next to Coral bookmakers and the road markings are faint.

A council spokesperson said: “We are aware of the issues being raised and a number of the changes have already been made, including remarking Windermere Road, refreshing road markings on Aynam Road and Kirkland/Highgate, resurfacing the Kendal Parks Road/Oxenholme Road junction and adjusting traffic signals.”

They added the council spent around £120,000 on priority highways work in Kendal during 2013/14, was starting a £1m resurfacing scheme on the bypass after Easter and planned to refresh road markings on Blackhall Road.