The busiest public toilets in South Lakeland are set to become eco-friendly.

Last year 186,616 people used the toilets at Bowness Bay, resulting in astronomical water bills and running costs.

Bill Smith, Chairman of the Bowness and Windermere Community Care Trust, announced plans to recycle rain water back into the flushing system to provide a more sustainable service and save money.

The rainwater gathered on the roof of the toilet block will be sucked into tanks installed at the site before being filtered and pumped into the loos.


A device measures the level of rainwater in the tank and automatically switches the system back to the main water supply when it begins to run low.

Mr Smith said: “There are significant costs involved and we’re doing our best to reduce them.

"The fact is that every use costs about 40p, which is what we charge per use. We’re not making any profit out of it, in fact we are doing it just to break even.”

It is hoped the environmentally friendly system will be in use within six months.