A GOLDEN age of motoring was celebrated in the Lake District this weekend as historic vehicle owners showcased British transport heritage at its finest.

The Lakeland Motor Museum was just one of five specially selected venues across the country to host the event which saw 180 vintage vehicles roll up to Backbarrow.

Chris Lowe, operations manager at the Lakeland Motor Museum, said: “We had a great turnout helped by dry sunny weather.

“It was a successful day and it’s an opportunity to raise issues about owning historic cars.”

He added that most of the motors and motorbikes were British, with 12 pre-war cars, and a few pre-war bikes.

Organised by the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs (FBHVC), the annual Drive It Day provides a focal point for enthusiasts to commemorate a 1,000 mile event in April 1900.

The aim of the day is to get road-legal cars motorbikes and commercial vehicles aged over 30 up and running to take to the road to celebrate the special day.

In action were a range of classic cars, from a rare Chenhard et Walker, to groups of MGs, Morgans, a pair of East German Trabants and a fleet of Sunbeam Talbots.

Mr Lowe said: “One of my favourite cars of the day was a 1977 Mitsubishi Celeste that travelled down from Carlisle.

“It was just very well restored and nice to see that people are collecting these.”

This was the first time the museum had taken part in the event, and Mr Lowe added that he looked forward to planning it for next year.