THREE informal online chats are to be hosted for people affected by eating disorders.

Beginning on Friday, they have will help sufferers, carers and their families, following a series of successful drop-in sessions around the UK.

“The drop in sessions were found to be really helpful by those who attended,” explained consultant psychologist, Liz Bolt.

“The benefits come partly from just being able to meet people dealing with same issues, and also from the information and ideas about how to support them differently.

“Since that day we have held regular follow on groups and by holding these webchats we are able to reach more people that perhaps can’t get to the drop in sessions or are finding it difficult to ask for help.”

The webchats have been organised by Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust’s Anorexia Nervosa Intensive Service (ANIS).

There will be eating disorder dieticians and psychologists on hand to answer questions or concerns. “Recovery from eating disorders is possible but it is difficult,” added Dr Bolt.

“Families can play a really important part in helping with recovery and that is why it was important that the first webchat was aimed at how this can happen.”

The three webchats will be as follows:

* May 16, 11am-1.30pm - carers and families of individuals with eating disorders

* June 12, 4.30pm-7pm - individuals with anorexia nervosa

* July 24, 4pm-6.30pm - individuals with bulimia nervosa

Access to the first webchat for carers and family and friends of individuals with eating disorders is from the following page on our website: