AN 11-year-old who followed the progress of 15 runners who passed her school each day has donated cash from her piggy bank to the charity they were running for.

Holly Glaister, of Hawkshead Primary School, cheered the runners on as they tackled 10 marathons in ten days in a bid to raise £76,000 for Ambleside’s Brathay Trust.

Holly, who is a keen runner herself, also watched a daily video update of the event and read the runner’s blogs every morning before school, said her mum Jane Glaister.

“She was particularly interested in Shane Cliffe, a 51-year-old grandad from Preston, who left a mascot as he passed by. On day four, she told me that she wanted to give Shane the money she had been saving, about £10. And that’s what she did.”

Since the challenge began eight years ago pupils have been allowed to cheer the runners on even though the event tends to fall during SATS week.