A WOMAN has hit out at contractors whom she claims have ‘desecrated’ floral tributes at a Kendal graveyard.

Patricia Soulby, 53, of Kendal said she was ‘livid’ after discovering flowers she’d left by the headstone of a friend’s grave at the town’s Parkside Road Cemetery had been shredded as the grass was being cut.

“This has happened quite a few times before – it has happened on my mum’s grave, and that of a neighbour’s son who died in battle,” she said.

“I have talked to other people at the cemetery and I know I am not the only person this has happened to.”


Ms Soulby went on to say: “They (the contractors) obviously don’t care how much we have paid for these tributes and I see this as a form of desecration.

“They need to be more careful and aware of the consequences this has on the bereaved relatives.”

Deborah Wight, principal community spaces officer at South Lakeland District Council, said: “The council has been made aware of an issue with regard to items being damaged during routine grass strimming at one of its cemeteries.

“Council officers are taking this matter seriously. We have made contact with the contractors carrying out the strimming on behalf of the authority to address the issue and to avoid any repeat of the incident by looking at additional training for newer members of staff working for the contractors.

“We realise that this must have been a distressing incident and would like to apologise for the damage caused and seek to reassure residents that the council is dealing with the issue so it doesn’t happen again.’