A RARE chance to take on a sheep farm tenancy is being offered in Eden.

Bankwood Farm at Brackenber near Appleby has become available on a 15-year Farm Business Tenancy (FBT).

The 208-acre holding, which benefits from grazing rights to Brackenber Moor, includes a range of farm buildings, both traditional and modern, and a large four-bedroom farmhouse.

Craig Brough, of agents H&H Land and Property, described the tenancy as an ideal opportunity for a young couple keen to get on the ‘first rung of the farming ladder’.

The tenancy for Bankwood Farm will commence on July 21 with tenders to be submitted no later than 12 noon on July 1. The holding includes a mix of mowing and grazing land split into 29 fields and six acres of woodland.

Currently the land is not subject to any environmental scheme. However, the new tenant would have the opportunity to enter new environmental stewardship agreements.

The farm’s Single Farm Payments Entitlements, 80.93 SDA Normal and 15.56 SDA Moorland, are included and will be transferred to the successful tenant.

Bankwood Farm also benefits from rights to graze on Brackenber Moor for 620 ewes and followers, 280 hoggs and 10 cattle with their followers. Currently the rights are not actively used and there is no hefted flock.

“Properties for let under an FBT, especially one with a 15 year term, are increasingly hard to find,” says Mr Brough. “So with 200 acres, no ingoings to purchase at the commencement of the tenancy and a term of 15 years, Bankwood Farm really does provide an excellent opportunity for a young couple to get a foot onto the first rung of their own farming ladder.

“In addition to good grazing and mowing land there are a range of cattle and sheep buildings and a large farmhouse, which will be modernised in conjunction with the ingoing tenants.”

Mr Brough said Bankwood Farm had been farmed by the owners for several generations and had become available through retirement.

The farm can be viewed on two specific days only, the farmhouse and buildings will be open for viewing between 10am and 3pm on June10 and June 17. Access to the land is also only available on the viewing days. Interviews will be held on July 4 .