A WALK in a forest in Romania provided the spark for an Endmoor man’s new business venture.

Mark Knowles has launched Pawcraft – a firm which aims to turn the paw prints of prized pets into treasures.

Mark got the idea in Romania when he spotted a paw print left in the mud by a wolf walking in the rain.

It was still there two days later and he was able to get a mould of it made – which is still on his mantelpiece!

The 53-year-old then made a paw print mould from his German shepherd puppy as his wife’s Christmas present.

“She thought it was the bee’s knees because it’s not just about what it is, but what it represents,” he said.

Now he has launched his business offering a selection of unique gifts for animal-lovers – from framed moulds and prints to jewellery made with paw print impressions.

“I thought, what a nice way to make some money and keep the wolf from the door,” he said.

And with a background in catering, Mr Knowles is already expanding the business with a doggy bakery.

He hopes that Pixie’s Pawtisserie will be run out of Milnthorpe Kennels and Cattery with a wide range of four-legs-friendly ‘pupcakes’.

For more information about Pawcraft, visit www.facebook.com/pawcraft