AS the World Cup gets underway this week, Cumbria Police are urging football fans to enjoy it responsibly and preparing to crackdown on drunkenness and antisocial behaviour.

Throughout the tournament there will be increased patrols across the county during key matches.

A spokesperson said they would be looking to intervene early to prevent drunken behaviour.

They added that dispersal orders - banning people from a particular area for 48 hours - will be used if necessary.

The last three major football tournaments have seen decreasing amounts of arrests, anti-social behaviour (ASB), and violent crimes in Cumbria (during the overall time period of each tournament).

Superintendent Mark Pannone said: “I am pleased to see that each major football tournament seems to be attracting less trouble in Cumbria, and I hope that this year’s World Cup is the best yet.


"We will be working closely with licensees to minimise the likelihood and impact of excessive drinking.

“We will be issuing advice over the coming weeks around not drinking to excess, not risking drink-driving the night of (or morning after) key matches, and raising awareness about domestic violence."