A LIVE Twitter Q&A will take place tomorrow for anyone wanting to find out more about organ donation.

Nurse, Sarah Ralley, from the NHS Blood and Transplant team, will be online between midday and 1pm answering questions on social network, Twitter, about her part in the process.

Nurse Ralley is part of a 30-strong team of specialist organ donation nurses, and works at Furness General Hospital and and the Royal Lancaster Infirmary.

She looks after the process from speaking to families to organising theatres and surgeons to carry out the life-saving operations.

“You are meeting families at a terrible time but you are giving them something they have a choice about,” she said.

“They haven’t had a choice to be in the room with the doctor telling them the awful news, but they do have a choice about organ donation.

“I have no magical words that can help, all I do is go to them with the information, they need to make that decision and it has to be what is right for the whole family.”

This week is National Transplant Week.

To be part of the Twitter Q&A follow @uhmbt on the social network and use the hashtag #GiveLifeQA