Why do people place so much importance on anniversaries?

BBC North West Tonight presenter Annabel Tiffin with Royal Mint research curator Joseph Payne will examine the topic at a panel event at The Storey in Lancaster on July 31 at 5pm.

The special ‘gown meets town’ event is part of the University of Lancaster’s 50th anniversary celebrations.

The panel also includes Professor Michael Hughes from the University’s History Department and Professor Christopher May, from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

Entitled ‘Does the past have a future? The Industry of Anniversaries’, the evening will start with the panel sharing their experience of anniversaries, including the impact on the media’s news agenda, anniversaries’ social role and how business models have been built on such milestones. This will be followed by a chance for the audience to share their views.

Professor May, who organised the event with Dr Corinna Peniston-Bird from the University’s History Department, said: “We see anniversaries all around us but we seldom reflect on why they are always seem so appealing. That’s what is going to be really interesting about this event – it’s an opportunity to question why we are suckers for anniversaries.”

For more information and to book a place contact lindsey.king@lancaster.ac.uk