A TEACHING assistant required reconstructive sur-gery on her foot after a smash which saw a 63-year-old man drive his vehicle head-on into her car on the A65.

A court heard that Gillian Crayston, who works at Carnforth’s North Road primary school, spent nearly four weeks in hospital recovering from a fractured wrist and ankle following the crash on April 26.

David Lockhart, of Main Street, Bardsea, pleaded guilty by post to a charge of driving without due care and attention – but was sum-moned to South Lakeland Magistrates’ Court to be considered for a driving ban.

Lockhart, who the court was told had been driving for 47 years and had held a HGV licence, escaped without a ban and was given six penalty points.

Lisa Hine, prosecuting, said Ms Crayston was travelling with her partner Kevin Davison to Bentham when she was confronted by Lockhart’s Mercedes Benz in the centre of the road at Lupton.

“She shouted: ‘Oh my god’ before there was an almighty bang,” said Ms Hine.

Lockhart failed to nego-tiate a corner, crossed the double white lines and shunted Ms Crayston’s VW Polo off the road into a ditch, the court heard.

“The next thing she remembers was she was in an enormous amount of pain,” added Ms Hine. “A young lass got into her car and held her hands until the emergency services arrived.”

She said Ms Crayston was cut free by the fire service and flown to Royal Preston Hospital.

“She is now frightened of being in a car and continues to relive the experience,” added Ms Hine.

Tristan Roberts, miti-gating, said the crash was caused by a ‘momentary lapse of concentration’.

“A day doesn’t go by without him thinking about the poor lady,” he said. “This was a momentary lapse of concentration where he did not negotiate the corner as he should have done.”

Mr Roberts said Lockhart, a retired fire officer at GlaxoSmithKline in Ulver-ston, owned 15 horses and had been helping his son building up his business for the last five years.

“A ban would have major implications not only for him but for his livestock, son and wife,” said Mr Roberts.

Lockhart was also fined £200 and made to pay £85 court costs and a £20 victim surcharge.