YOUNGSTERS across the county are enjoying their journey as Junior PCSOs as the summer scheme continues.

The scheme, which is running for the first time county-wide, following a number of years in the west of the county, sees up to 20 young people per Neighbourhood Policing Team area from throughout the county become Junior PCSOs.

During the scheme the youngsters will attend a wide range of events put on by Cumbria Police and partner agencies where they will learn vital skills such as first aid.

Inspector Jon Sherlock said: “So far the scheme has been a success with the youngsters enjoying the activities put on by their area PCSO.

"They are learning valuable skills and experience during their summer holidays.

“The purpose of the scheme is to encourage good citizenship and promote pride in the community.

"The scheme will also hopefully be part of a long-term sustainable solution to help prevent anti-social behaviour in the local communities.”

A list of activities that the Neighbourhood Policing Teams will be conducting with their Junior PCSOs is viewable online at