CUMBRIA Police are investigating a two cases of criminal damage where 'symbols and characters' have been drawn on properties in Barrow.

officers said a group people were seen looking through people’s windows on August 12 at around 5.30pm on Balmoral Drive.

The victim found that the following day a yellow ‘K’ symbol marked on their driveway.

The group was described as comprising approximately eight people, both male and female, aged 19-40.


In a second incident the next day, a silver symbol was spray painted at the rear of a property on Bedford Street at around 9.45pm.

Inspector Mike O’Hagan said: "We believe that the two incidents are linked and we would like to ask anyone who sees any suspicious activity in their area to contact us at the first possible opportunity.”

“We appeal for members of the public to get in touch with any information, someone must have seen something and any assistance can help our investigation. 

Police are appealing for anyone with information into these two incidents to contact them on 101.