A NEW sweet shop in Kendal is proving a big hit with adults as well as kids in the latest craze sweeping playgrounds and drinking games.

Kobbs Sweet Explosion in Finkle Street has brought a new line of bitterly sour boiled sweets to town which carry a health warning.

Made by Nottingham-based Barnetts, their Mega Sour apples, cola, watermelon and cherry have been reducing grown men to tears.

The tubs warn: “Excessive consumption within a brief time period may cause temporary mouth/and or stomach irritation.”


Kobbs sweet shop’s Carl Glynn, 41, jokes: “If you have too many of them it feels like it’s stripping the skin off your tongue!”

And youngsters have been buying them in their droves – daring each other to see how long they can last.

The extremely sour taste lasts 20 seconds but few manage to make it that far without spitting them out and they are unsuitable for kids under eight.

Another bitter range the shop has imported from America is called Jelly Belly Bean Boozled.

The £2.50 packets contain both nice-tasting sweets and identical looking awful versions.

So instead of tucking in to Tutti Fruiti flavour, you could be eating mouldy cheese, stinky socks or rotten eggs flavour!

In five weeks, the shop sold its entire stock of 96 boxes and there has been a national shortage due to demand.

Buyers are using them for a Russian Roulette game at parties where those who pick out a foul tasting version having to down a shot.

The shop has also started a Bean Boozled selfie challenge on its Facebook page where people take photos of themselves sucking on one of the vile sweets of their “sour lemon face”.

Mr Glynn, 41, said: “A friend of ours tried them and he had tears coming out of his eyes. We always tell people how sour they are and point out that they come with a health warning.”

Partner Sylvi Vaisanen, 33, says they also sell hard-to-find schoolyard classics likes fizzy cola bottles.

The business was set up by Carl and Sylvi, from the Hallgarth Estate, after Carl was made redundant in 2013.

He explained: “I filled out loads of applications forms and sent my CV off to dozens of agencies and only got one interview so I just thought, if I’m not going to get a job I will have to create one.”

At one point, the couple, who have four children including five-month-old Niamh, were forced to turn to the Kendal Food Bank.