A SCHOOL bully has been sent to prison after turning on and biting the nose of a former victim who could not remember his name.

Jack Foy, 23, of Nelson Road, Windermere, was jailed for 100 days for attacking Jonathan Speight, after the pair came across each other at the Wheelhouse nightclub in Bowness, on June 8, this year.

“The defendant saw a man he recognised from school and as he passed they spoke to each other and acknowledged each other,” said Lee Dacre, prosecuting.


“The defendant said to the complainant: ‘What’s my name?’ “Then he went on to say: ‘If you don’t tell me my name I’ll bite you on the nose.’”

Mr Speight admitted he could not remember his name prompting Foy to grab him by the back of his head.

He then bit him which resulted in Mr Speight’s nose becoming bloody and swollen.

Foy then said: “My name is Jack Foy. I used to bully you at school.

“I’ll do it again if you don’t say my name.”

The court heard the incident was captured on CCTV and at no point had Mr Speight been violent or aggressive.

But magistrates were told Foy had previous convictions dating back to 2009, including one for assault causing actual bodily harm and one for affray.

However, Rachel Broughton, in mitigation, said Foy had been working hard as a trainee civil engineer and was hoping to begin part-time studies at Glasgow University in September.

“This is a young man who has a considerable amount to lose if he is to go to prison,” she said.

“It’s a serious matter, but this is a young man who has not been before the court in some time.”

Chair of the bench Stephen Baker told him: “You deliberately targeted a person who, according to yourself, you’d bullied at school.

“You seemed to go to the same trouble to cause fear and humiliation to him again.

“You then carried out your threat using your teeth as a weapon.”