A SOUTH Lakes business is reaching for the skies when it comes to providing high-speed broadband.

Anyplace Internet, based in Kirkby Lonsdale, offers innovative satellite internet to people who struggle to access cable broadband, with clients including mountain rescue teams, construction companies working on-site and organisers of one-off events.

“Some people work or live miles from an exchange and broadband is rubbish so they’ve got to go back to dial-up,” explained owner Phil Dickenson.

“But with satellite we put a dish on the side of the house or building and from that someone can get really fast broadband speeds, which is brilliant.”

His internet provides speeds of 20Mbit/s, while the average across the UK is 6.2Mbit/s.

The Kirkby Lonsdale resident, who runs his business from Back Lane, provides both long and short-term contracts.

Since the business was launched in July he has provided satellite internet for homes and businesses, as well for events such as a one-day tractor pull in Blackpool. He has also provided wi-fi at several agricultural shows and next year will be providing the internet for what he described as ‘a well-known cycle race’.

“Word is spreading and it’s a great way of getting faster internet or enabling a crowd to access internet for Facebook, for example,” he continued.

“We’re the only company in this area.

“It’s only fit for about five per cent of the population so there’s not a lot of companies doing it.

“But it’s a very valuable service for those that need or want it.”

Mr Dickenson said he had worked in the telecommunications industry for 30 years.

He advises potential clients and installs the equipment.

“I’m happy to demonstrate for anyone interested so they can check it works for them,” he added.

For more information visit www. anyplaceinternet.co.uk