A BRITISH diner offering traditional homemade dinners is set to open in South Lakeland.

Five jobs have been created as TT’s Diner and Take Out gets set to launch on Kendal’s Stramongate.

The business — which is an expansion and relocation of Lunch, on Branthwaite Brow — will offer daytime food, catering and evening meals.

Owners Christian Hoyle and Chris Curry, both of Kendal, hope to see their eating concept flourish as they promote ‘forgotten’ British-style food.

Customers will be able to sit in their restaurant until 9pm on several nights a week, and choose from a menu including meat and three vegetables, proper mash, steak and roasts.

The restaurant will also offer other specialities including steaks, lasagne and ice cream milkshakes.

Staff hope to increase trade with the offer of an additional Teatime Take-away — where customers can pick up food on their way home or have it delivered.

Mr Hoyle, 35, of Kendal, said they hoped to open TT’s for the first time after significant redevelopment of the empty former Rice Bowl premises next Monday.

He added: “We want to develop the teatime element of the business further.

“No one does this type of dinner to your door, with meat and three veg and proper mash.

“We will do English breakfasts but we will also do unusual alternatives such as pancakes. And we will offer the same degree of choices.

“A huge part of our popularity is Chris and his cooking. People remember the homemade pies he makes and the friendliness of our staff.

“It’s going to be cool. We’ve got a Campbell soup can sofa and a Tunnock’s Teacake table. Kendal hasn’t got a diner, so we can offer something different.

“We will offer milkshakes made with Lakeland Ice Cream and meats from Lakeland farms.”

For more information visit www.ttsdiner.co.uk