IF you can imagine a finely decked out home, with a large log fire, shiny wooden floor boards and quirky photographs on the wall, ideally situated between Windermere and Esthwaite Water than you will get a picture of the newly revamped Cuckoo Brow Inn.

It blends traditional features of the building with modern decor to create a relaxed but impressive atmosphere.

Behind the bar sits a selection of local ales along with a catalogue of wines and soft drinks. I decided as Christmas is approaching to trial some hot mulled wine, which had an interesting selection of spices.

The menu boasts a list of traditional pub meals but with a sophisticated twist so rather than pork belly and chips this place serves Cumbrian pork belly with thyme garlic and new patotoes.

I decided to go for the Fisherman's lunch (£9.95) which came with smoked salmon, prawns, tuna, freshly made bread, a salad and prawn cocktail sauce.

All the fish was extremely fresh and I was spoilt for choice for the extras I could cram on to my fork.

The portions were also very generous with three large chunky pieces of bread brought out on a separate plate and a salad with lots of peppers, tomatoes, green lettuce leaves and a tasty dressing.

At the end of half an hour I was beaten and had to pass the food to my partner to finish.

He had gone for a trout special (£13) which was the best presened meal I have ever seen. I know these days that the way food is laid out is to just as important to many people as how it tastes – and this was a work of art.

The trout came with its head and tail intact, with grilled tomatoes in its mouth and courgettes laid out in a flower pattern, the lemon was carved and there were herbs to add even more colour.

The staff were also attentive and friendly, making the whole experience perfect.