IF Carlsberg made a restaurant then Grasmere’s The Jumble Room would definitely be what they based it on.

The venue's owners are clearly both creative and daring, proven by their quirky decor which for me makes this place a perfect restaurant to dine in.

I spent the first half of meal investigating all the interesting things that were on the walls, tables and chairs.

This was a eco version of Alice in Wonderland where things aren’t always what they seem and each small space it packed with fascinating things.

My seat had a comfy sheep skin on the chair, which I thought was a brilliant idea. We had an oriental screen shielding our table for the rest of the room and pew type chairs facing me.

On the table there was Herdwick sheep shaped pepper and salt, a set of cutlery rolled up in chef-style cloth, while the walls cited Eastern philosophy and useful quotes.

I could spend the whole review writing about the decor but that would be unfair of the chef as the food was equally as impressive.

The eatery served us complimentary home cooked bread to appease our hungry stomachs while we waited for the main dishes.

For my starter I opted for a salmon brusta dish (around £7) which was served with an amazingly tangy sauce.

This was really tasty and was one of those dishes where I wished I knew what all the small ingredients were so I could attempt to recreate it at home.

For my main I chose spinach, pine nuts and cheese tortellini (around £15), served on a bed of chopped fresh tomatoes with again a delicious rich sauce.

As pasta meals go this was in a class of its own. Olive oil was also dripped over the pasta making it extra soft.

My friend ordered the steak (around £26) which he said was the best steak he has ever had. I am not a meat eater but it did look perfect.

I stuck to a Czech beer throughout but there was a huge selection of exoctic beers on sale.