STILL in the throes of summer, but with a distinct lack of sun and warmth calls for a wardrobe reassessment.

And the definite chill in the air is forcing us to reluctantly dig out those ditched jackets (and coats dare I say it) to protect against the winds and rain.

But for every closed door another one opens, and so it’s out with the exposed arms and legs and in with coats and trousers.

Covering up doesn’t need to be dull, so invest in a jacket that you can wear from now till the frosts start.

Originally created for and worn by pilots during the First World War, bomber jackets are a timeless piece that are as much a part of our culture as they probably were then.

Designed to keep pilots warm when there were little to no cockpits in aeroplanes, the ones we know today - particularly on the catwalk - are a little flimsier.

For something simple and subtle, Dorothy Perkins has a navy collarless bomber jacket with silver zips at £18, reduced from £45. With autumn round the corner this everyday jacket will go with anything from jeans to dresses.

The tight fit adds a figure hugging feminine finish to an otherwise boyish classic.

Alternatively, New Look has a black tropical print bomber jacket at £22, reduced from £27.99. Blues, pinks and whites make up the colourful print which may be brash and bold but will give any outfit an edgier hipster twist.