The World, I Know provided a cracking start to the gig grabbing the audience from the off.

And what a night it proved to be.

Although, lead singer and guitarist Colin MacDonald had bronchitis he pulled it off big time.

The guys were tremendous and Colin’s brother John-Angus on lead guitar was in a momentous mood with beautifully measured solos and crashing chords in powerful rockers So She’s Leaving, Paranoid Freak and Hold Me in Your Arms.

The Trews are great songsmiths with an ear for a terrific tune.

Hope and Ruin is just such as song, and one of the stand out tracks of the band’s latest album of the same name with its catchy hook and big finish.

Tired of Waiting from their first studio album proved a real funky footstomper with a infectous singalong chorus and Poor ol’ Broken Hearted Me off Den Of Thieves with drummer Sean Dalton’s neat percussive cow bell intro alongside John-Angus’ fizzing guitar was another that had Jonty Martindale's music bar bouncing.

Sean is a fantastic drummer and with bass player Jack Syperek provides an awesome rhythm section. With his bass slung low, Jack really caresses his instrument and is fascinating to watch.

Burning Wheels brought the set to a thundering end, John-Angus squeezing every ounce out of his guitar.

He’s a outstanding lead with great technique even playing his Les Paul behind his head Hendrix-like at one stage.

The Trews have the ability to switch from riff city, hard-edged rock to more melodic sounds, without losing the audiences attention, particularly the beautiful Highway of Heroes tribute to those who’ve died in Afghanistan.

Seriously tight and polished, they can all sing too.

Back for a well-deserved encore and with one more night of their UK tour still to go, the band shared lead vocals to help ease the strain on Colin’s voice, taking turns on The Band’s The Wait and Ooh La La by the Faces.

The Trews are huge in their native Canada, and deserve to be over here.

Good on ‘yer Jonty for bringing them to Kendal.