INDIE pop legends The Lightning Seeds are poised to rock Cumbria during an exclusive one month tour.

Topping the charts with some of the most catchy hits of the last decade, their tracks including Lucky You, Pure, Three Lions and many more, had revellers on every corner of the world dancing.

Charged with fresh energy and a passion for performing the Liverpool lads said they can't wait to get back on stage, when they take over Whitehaven Civic Hall, on February 9.

Lead singer, guitarist and producer Ian Broudie said he was using this tour to produce some inspiration to create songs for his forthcoming album.

"I haven't played on a stage for ages," Ian told me. "It's quite an inspiring thing. I'm going to be writing a lot of new songs. Sometimes I hear things or think of something and record it on my phone. I never really sit down to write songs- it's always when I'm out and doing something."

He said he did not think he had played in Whitehaven before and was looking forward to it.

"Being from Liverpool I use to come up to the Lake District for holidays," said Ian."It's a nice part of the country."

Before unleashing his hits on crowds Ian said he liked to have a glass of Brandy to calm his nerves.

Ian picked the quirky uplifting hit Pure as his favourite all time Lighning Seeds' song.

"I don't know why, you can't explain what it is that makes something your favourite- it just is," Ian explained.

He said while he has enjoyed a lot of individual songs he doesn't think bands have been making any good albums recently.

"At the moment there are lots of tunes I like but there is a lack of good albums," Ian said.

Swapping the major stadiums with smaller venues is a treat for Ian as he said there was a 'better vibe', and he gets to chat a lot more with audiences.

Anyone wishing to be part of the crowd can secure a ticket by calling: 01946 514 960.