THEIR music comes with a 'Parental Advisory' warning - and South Lakeland three-piece Gritty Britain are building up a reputation for their risque lyrics and catchy tunes.

Perhaps the best way to describe them is as a 'blue' version of The Lancashire Hotpots, and track titles such as Beer Goggle Eyes and Swingers' Paradise give you an idea of the subjects they like to sing about.

But on listening to their music. what strikes you almost as much as the eyebrow-raising lyrics is the musicianship of the trio, made up of bassist Colin Salter, singer and guitarist Tom Heywood and drummer Andrew Slater.

There is no doubting that their debut album Good For Nothing, with its Banksy-esque cover depicting an elderly woman spraying graffiti on a wall, features some impressive playing.

They say they are providing 'risque social commentary on contemporary society' and with lyrics such as 'the girls are looking fitter as I drink more bitter', it's clear that a sense of humour is required.

Colin said: "It is all original stuff and we like to describe it as 'alco-pop'. Tom writes the songs and he has been travelling around the world quite a bit so he just writes about the characters he sees."

Their live shows are rocking affairs and they have gained fans from playing regularly at Lancaster pubs such as Ye Olde John O'Gaunt, The Robert Gillow and The Lord Ashton, plue Ye Olde Fighting Cocks in their home town of Arnside.

Colin added: "We have built up a bit of a following from our gigs. We'd like to make a living out of it but it is hard to make any money out of music these days. 

"But they are just great songs and we just want as many people as possible to hear them."

Good For Nothing, which was recorded at Shireshead Studios, in Forton, near Lancaster, is out now on Scallywag Records and can be bought on eBay.