A KENDAL band is making a comeback after more than seven years apart.
Pop/rock five-piece Misdemeanour spent five years making a buzz on the local live music scene before splitting in 2006.

Known for their high-spirited covers, Misdemeanour are five musicians originally brought together by a small advert in a music shop.

Original keyboard player Jos Campbell has now been replaced by Janet Crowther, but the rest of the line-up remains the same: Naomi Nield (vocals), Alan Wildridge (guitar), Scott Patterson (bass) and John Whittaker (drums).

Misdemeanour was born when Jos, Alan, Scott and John were looking for a new singer and serendipitously spied an ad penned by young vocalist Naomi (then called Naomi Birket).

When the band disbanded due to family commitments, many of the members still kept in touch through the South Lakeland Guitar Club and are now ready to rock the town once again.

Their playlist is a very eclectic mix of old favourites and new additions, featuring the likes of Beyonce, Snow Patrol, Primal Scream, Guns ‘n’ Roses and Texas.

“It feels brilliant to be back together again,” said Scott, “Naomi’s such a great singer – she’s small but she really belts it out.”

Misdemeanour play at Burgundys tonight.