GALLOPING into Lancashire with their root in tootin hits is an American Country Blues band who are set to get people dancing.

Known for their catchy true blues beats and infectious lyrics, The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band's fun time attitude has made them a firm favorite for fans of the American country blues genre.

The trio joined forces in the noughties and have been playing relentlessly since. Touring venues across every major continent in the world and bringing their rowdy beats to revellers far and wide. Now the three-piece are to descend on crowds at Morecambe's Platform.

"We have been to the UK a gag dozen times maybe," said lead vocalist and guitarist Reverend Peyton. "Maybe not that many, maybe four or five times. Enough that now we have favorite spots to see and eat while we are there, but not enough to have seen near everything. Lancashire is a new one for us, can't wait to meet some great new folks, and try the local food. "

They have eight-studio albums under their country-styled belts and are touring with their latest in the collection called 'Between the Ditches'. This 14-track album is dominated by slide guitars and shuffling rhythms.

"I just love making music for people. The perks of seeing new things, learning about the world and myself, making new friends, certainly outweigh the hardships, but for me the music is paramount."

Rev described their gigs as a 'real, organic, handmade' experience that comes 'from the heart, music played with the intensity that comes with a lifetime of playing music on the road and loving it'.

Their Clap your Hand music video was made with people volunteering and coming along for a day of dancing. And the band's seventh album Peyton on Patton was recorded with a single microphone, in four hours, in one day.

Rev said the band has experimented with so many novel ideas as he thought it was important to be unique.

"Making cool videos is just a part of what it is to make music now. Our roots run deep, but we don't try to pretend like the last 100 years didn't happen."

Tickets for the gig on October 20 can be secured by calling the box office on 01524 582803