Planning applications submitted to Lakeland District National Park Authority.


  • Demolition of existing single garage and sheds. Reconstruction of double garage with garden store beneath, at Laurel Bank, Belle Vue Lane, for Mr & Mrs Hooper
  • Renewal of extant planning permission ref 7/2009/5441 for construction of 2 no. timeshare lodges, at Langdale Hotel and Country Club, Langdale, for Langdale Leisure Ltd
  • Renewal of extant planning permission ref 7/2009/5440 for construction of 1 no. timeshare lodge incorporating the existing structure known as The Fort, at Langdale Hotel and Country Club, Langdale, for Langdale Leisure Ltd.


  • Change of land from agricultural to garden, at Trundle Brow Cottage and Trundle Brow Farm, Brow Edge, for Mr Dean and Mr Shepherd.


  • New gable ended roof, at Village Hall, for P. Jenkinson.


  • Crown reduce 3 Yew, remove 1 Holly tree and crown reduce and deadwood 1 Beech, at Undercrag, for P. Nelson
  • Crown lift, clean and trim 4 Birch and 2 Maple (G15), at Green Mosses, for R. Hewitt
  • Non-material amendment to approval ref 7/2011/5541 relating to omission of footpath adjacent to gable of plot 1 and repositioning of stone boundary walls to front and rear gardens. Substitution of drawing no. 10-1616-PO3B with drawing no. 10-1616-PO3D, at Land opposite, Rothay Garden Hotel, Broadgate, for Mrs Wilmott, Impact Housing Association.


  • Compliance of condition with condition 3 on planning permission 7/2012/2144 - details of door design, at Underskiddaw Church Room, Applethwaite, for S. Penny
  • Fell/reduce 1 Beech (T1) fell 1 Silver Birch (T2) and rmove deadwood from 1 Cherry Plum (T3), at Holly Tree House, Braithwaite, for A. Croal
  • Proposed free standing timber and slate open car port, at Sunset Hill, for Mr & Mrs I. Raw
  • New signage, at Borrowdale Road, for The National Trust
  • Extension and alterations to existing National Trust Shop and Information Centre. Footpath access improvements including development of boardwalks and play equipment, at Land adjacent Derwent foreshore, Lake Road, for The National Trust
  • Change of use from shop (A1) to holiday accommodation letting agency (A2), at Cornerwise, 13 Lake Road, for Lakelovers
  • Local needs dwelling, at Greycote, Eleventrees, for Mr & Mrs Smyllie.


  • Alterations to existing and construction of a single storey extension, at 1 Sharrow Cottages, Howtown, for Mr & Mrs Stiller.


  • Fell 1 Sycamore, 1 Leylandi, 1 Fir; Laurel - thin lower branches, at Barley Bridge Farm, for Mrs Heidi Woodward
  • Non-material amendment to condition 5 on planning application 7/2011/5333, at Wesleyan Chapel, Church View, for C. Herd.


  • Replacement windows and new flue, at Birch Tree Cottage, Nibthwaite, for Mr and Mrs d’Alessio
  • Confirmation of compliance with conditions 6,7, 10 and 11 of approval 7/2012/5300 relating to contamination, drainage, levels and knotweed, at Landing Close, Lakeside, for M. O’Connell
  • Replacement house, at Roger Ridding, Rusland, for J. Walton.


  • Demolition of earth-closet and alteration of existing woodstore and construction of a new home office, at Foxdene, for A. Green.


  • Renewal of extant planning permission reference 7/2009/5746 for conversion of integral garage to bedrooms and extension to 2 first floor bedrooms, at Talisker House, Brantfell Road, Bowness-on-Windermere, for D. Dolman
  • Renewal of extant planning permission ref 7/2009/5745 for detached garage with dayroom over, at Talisker House, Brantfell Road, Bowness-on-Windermere, for D. Dolman
  • New entrance doors in adjoining offices, at 18 Victoria Street, for I. Atkinson
  • Fell 1 Tulip tree and crown raise 1 Maple (G1), at The Spinney, St. marys Park, for J. Parker
  • Fell 2 douglas fir (T1 & T2), 1 Nikko Fir (T3) and 1 Cypress (T4), at Cleeve Howe, Carriage Drive, for H. Salisbury.