THE home of record breaking welcomed competitors from all over the world.

Coniston Power Boat Records Week got off to a flying start with eight world records broken on the first day.

Arguably the most impressive vessel to take to the water was the American team Peters and May’s huge hydroplane, driven by Washington-based John William Myers. On Monday he set the world record for the Unlimited Hydroplanes class with a speed of 176.11mph but was confident he would better it by the end of the week.

“It is a great event. It is a very historic piece of water and we are happy to be here,” said Mr Myers. The records week is the only event in powerboat racing to bring together all classes of boat.

Kevin Hill, of JPL Racing, set a new record in the T750 class in his first attempt, recording a speed of 51mph. He said: “I love this place. The atmosphere, the views and the village are all great. It is a beautiful place to race.”

Event chairman Alison Whalley said: “People love coming to Coniston because it is the home of record breaking.”