A DOCUMENTARY highlighting the diverse and inspiring lives of North American workers is being made by a Staveley man.

Dave Gill will spend a year pedalling around the economical capital of the world, uncovering the lives of people working and living the American dream.

The 23-year-old will be travelling solo for his self-funded trip. He intends to interview people while visiting the sunny beaches of California, the bustling streets of New York and the more remote towns of Texas.

In total he expects to clock up around 11,000 miles during his cycling odyssey.

Since leaving Queen Katherine School, Kendal, he has directed climbing films showcasing Canada, America and the Lake District. The film about the Lake District was shown during the Keswick and Kendal mountain film festivals.

The films have given him a taste for the making documentaries and has spurred him to embark on his next journey.

"The premise is simple: I’m going to cycle a loop of North America and meet a variety of people along the way, a diverse collection of people, who live their life in different way," said Mr Gill. "None of us want to plod along in life. Regardless of circumstance, it’s easy to question it. So this is a journey to meet those who know what they want out of life, or alternatively haven’t a clue, to explore some of those questions.

"I wanted to have an adventure again. I really wanted to get immersed into another community and I thought this would be a really good way of doing it."

There are no set plans for where the film will be shown yet. Once it is finished Mr Gill hopes all the festivals will be interested in it.

"It is such a broad subject that it should appeal to lots of groups," added Mr Gill, who first started making films at the age of 13 when he was given a camera.

He has made several corporate, music and promotional films throughout his life.

His adventures will be appear on a self-penned blog available at www.vaguedirection.com.