PEOPLE from across Cumbria had their questions about alcohol answered online for two hours by representatives from Cumbria Police and NHS Cumbria as part of Alcohol Awareness Week (November 19-23).

More than 160 people took part in the live webchat, asking a wide range of questions from what effect alcohol has on young people’s bodies to the laws relating to drinking.

One of the most popular questions asked was why the legal age for buying alcohol is 18 years old.

Paul Musgrave, NHS Cumbria, Health and Wellbing Manager said: “The legal age is set for many reasons at 18. The brain is continuing to grow up to 18. Alcohol use could harm that. Instead of trying to get 16 year olds to drink safely I think we should we should be giving them information as to why drinking regularly is not advisable and the potental consequences.

Cumbria Police’s Sgt Richard Farnworth, who also took part in the webchat, said: “Our aim is to prevent young people drinking alcohol as their bodies are not developed fully and alcohol can harm young people.

“Parents should not be buying their children alcohol. Shops can refuse to sell adults alcohol if they suspect it will be consumed by children. Adults commit an offence if they buy alcohol for children.”

The webchat hosted by Cumbria Constabulary is now available for replay via: .