A MOUNTAINEER who went where no man has been before in the Himalayas is at Rheged this weekend to launch a world premiere.

Climber and speaker Rick Allen, along with co-climber Sandy Allan, notched up a world first in July by taking on the 'The Killer Mountain,' the 8,000 metre (24,000ft) Mazeno Ridge of Nanga Parbat.

As the ninth highest mountain in the world, it was regarded as the 'last great unclimbed ridge' as well as representing one of the most challenging endeavours ever undertaken by the two high altitude climbers in their mid 50s.

The story of this heroic feat will be told for the first time by Rick Allen at the Rheged centre near Penrith, this Sunday lunchtime.

Doug Scott, who made the first British ascent of Everest’s south west face and who had tried the Manzeno Ridge himself, but had to turn back under horrendous weather conditions will also be giving a special introduction to the lecture.

He recently commented: "They not only climbed all the way along the ridge and up to the summit of the ninth highest mountain in the world Nanga Parbat (8,125m) but then they descended north down the Diamir Face to make a complete traverse of the mountain.

"This is undoubtedly the most demanding climb made by British mountaineers in recent times."

Veteran climbers Rick and Sandy took 14 consecutive days to make the complete eight mile traverse.

All profits from ticket sales will go to support the work of the Mountain Heritage Trust.

Sales of Nepalese goods and proceeds from an auction of mountain prints signed by Messner, Habeler, Hornbein, Bonington and others will go to Community Action Nepal - the organisers of this event.