AN ULVERSTON man has been given the green light to open a new bar in the town centre.

Andy Steele will take his first steps in the pub trade after his plans for Bar 6, in Da-tongate, were backed by South Lakeland Council’s licensing sub-committee.

He believes there is a gap in the market in Ulverston for a venue, where people can go for a 'quiet drink and a chat'.

The approval was given despite opposition from the likes of Anne Baines, who lives next door to the building and was concerned that people leaving Bar 6 would loiter outside her home.

Speaking after the meeting, Mr Steele, who is vice-chairman of Ulverston Rugby Club, said: "I understand the objections but we will observe the licensing conditions and will work with our neighbours and other licensees around us."

The bar has operated under a temporary events licence for three weekends in November and Miss Baines said that during that time there were problems.

“I have nothing against Mr Steele but my quality of life is nil if this happens,” she said. “It is so intrusive. I couldn’t hear the TV in my lounge because people were outside talking, sitting on my windowsill, smoking and drinking.”

Miss Baines initially claimed those people had come from Bar 6 but later admitted that she could not be sure where they had come from.

Mr Steele said that staff had been trained to make sure nobody left the premises with a glass or bottle.

He added: “We are asking people to move away from Miss Baines’s property and people have been receptive about that. We have signs up which say: ‘Please respect our neighbours’.”

Dave Hillman, licen-see of The Hope and Anchor, which is also close to Bar 6, also spoke against the plan – saying he was wor-ried about people using the alleyway which separates the two pubs as a smoking area.

But the sub-com-mittee decided to rubberstamp Mr Steele’s application under the proviso that ‘no drinks are removed from the premises in an unsealed container’.

Committee chairman James Airey said: “We wish you well with the new business but please have consideration for neighbours and other licensees.”