The vast majority of South Lakeland revellers managed to behave themselves during New Year’s Eve festivities, according to police.

Inspector Chris Wright said officers were kept busy around the district last night, but that many incidents were ‘run of the mill’ and that cells were not full to capacity.

He added that around 20 to 25 arrests took place, but compared to other nights, this was not a big number.

“It may sound a lot but it wasn’t as bad as Festive Friday (21), and yes there were fights here there and everywhere but there always is and there was no death or serious injury,” he said.

“The vast majority of people went out and had a good night. And officers were still smiling when I came in this morning so that says alot.”

This morning Cumbria Police have been breath testing across the county, and have already recorded on Twitter that people have been stopped in Staveley, Arnside and Barrow on suspicion of driving while still drunk.