A PHOTOGRAPHER has used his work to pay a unique tribute to tragic teen, Helena Farrell.

Scott Mitchell, 34, used a torch and coloured uplighters to create a special photograph of an angel, at the skatepark where Helena and her friends used to spend time together.

The Kendal resident said: “There were a few reasons why I did the picture.

“I drove past the Castle Green Hotel with my son, noticing all the police cars and the ambulance.

“A couple of hours later, my wife and I noticed more and more RIP messages appearing from local friends on Facebook and in due course found out what had happened.

“It struck a chord with us as we have children and have both dealt with forms of depression in the past. I just felt very affected by it.

“I felt I wanted to do something, but had no idea how to go about it.”

He explained that a few days later he was contacted by a mutual friend, Simon Yates, and was asked to create a piece of art in Helena’s memory.

He continued: “I felt it was the very least I could do, and set about trying to create a piece that would befit Helena.

“The photo was taken at Kendal Skatepark, somewhere that Helena and her friends used to spend time.”

Mr Mitchell explained that he used a torch to draw the angel, with the shutter on his camera open for a two-minute exposure. He also lit the picture from beneath with coloured lights.

He added: “I hope her family and friends like it as it seemed very fitting at the time.”

Helena's body was found in woodland behind the Castle Green Hotel on January 4.

Friends, family and well-wishers have also since turned out for an emotional Farewell Celebration at the Castle Green Hotel and candlelit vigil at Kendal Castle.