ICONIC Coronation Street settings are being given a makeover by a family-run Cumbrian business.

Orton-based slating firm KL Venning Slaters Ltd have started to re-roof the famous buildings, such as the Kabin, The Salon, Underworld, Street Cars, Victoria Terrace, The Medical Centre and The Rovers Return.

The work comes as part of a big move for the street from Manchester’s Granada Studios to Trafford Wharf in Cheshire, due to the demands of high-definition television and subsequently the need for a larger-scale Weatherfield.

KL Venning Slaters director Lisa Elliot said: “We feel really proud to have won this work and naturally a high-profile contract has given all the workforce a huge boost.

“To win a contract that everyone has grown up watching is a highlight for us.”

Mrs Elliot and her brother Kirk Venning, of Kendal, took over the running of the 30-year company from their father Keith, who said he was ‘very proud’ of their work.

Both siblings have been to the 7.7 acre site with their ten team members, who will be working on the project for around two months.

Mr Venning said they were thrilled when he told them they had won the contract.

He said: “I told them just before we went on our Christmas do, and they were all cheering and whooping. It’s a great job to put your name to.”

Foreman Jason Oram said it was very ‘surreal’ working on the set.

“It is crazy working down here,” he said.

“I was watching it on television thinking I was stood there today!”

And they all got the chance to have a peek at the original ‘Street’.

Mr Venning said there was filming going on and they were allowed to walk round the set.

“It was crazy. Steve McDonald, Michelle, played by Kym Marsh, and Sunita were there filming,” he said.

“We just got to walk around by ourselves, and were looking round the back gardens and taking pictures.

“We could see the extras walking on and off - it was really strange. I will definitely be watching it to see if I can find that episode.”