A BUSINESSMAN who fell asleep driving an HGV on the M6 has been banned from the road after being told his actions ‘could have been fatal’.

Frank Steele, 63, who lives in Dumfriesshire but regularly does business in Lancashire and West Yorkshire, drove into the back of another HGV after falling asleep at the wheel close to Tebay in November last year.

Nigel Beeson, prosecuting, said: “It was wet and raining when the incident took place on the northbound M6 near junction 38, which is Tebay.

“This man was driving in the first lane and fell asleep at the wheel momentarily.”

But Mr Steele, defending himself, said: “I feel I’m a careful driver and have been for 40 years and have never had an accident.

“My business relies on me to travel.”

He added: “I’ve had many sleepless nights over what might have happened.”

But magistrates banned him from driving for 28 days and fined him a total of £585.

Chair of the bench, Anne Hawson, said: “In this case the consequences could have been fatal for yourself and potentially other road users so this means we must disqualify you from driving today.”