STUART Hyde is to remain suspended as temporary chief constable of Cumbria Police amid allegations of misconduct.

The county's most senior police officer has already been cleared of allegations by the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

But a separate inquiry, being conducted by South Wales Police, is still ongoing.

Writing on his website, Mr Hyde said: “I am extremely disappointed that my suspension is now entering its sixth month.

“Throughout this period I have co-operated fully and voluntarily submitted information to the IPCC, the Police and Crime Commissioner (formerly the Cumbria Police Authority) and to the South Wales Police investigation team and I will continue to do so.

“I understand the investigation is still yet to be completed; I still await the opportunity to see in detail any of the allegations and respond to them.

“I am aware that some allegations have already been shown to be without foundation and believe this will be the outcome for the remainder.

“I very much hope the investigation will conclude soon and I remain committed to return to my role as chief constable and to serving Cumbria.

“My family and I are extremely grateful for all the support we have received from friends and colleagues."

In accordance with police regulations, Cumbria’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Richard Rhodes, undertook a four-weekly review of Mr Hyde's suspension but decided he will remain suspended.

Mr Rhodes said: “As part of the Police Regulations I have to undertake a four-weekly review of the suspension of temporary chief constable Stuart Hyde in order to consider whether it is necessary for the officer to remain suspended.

“Following a full briefing and given that the investigation by South Wales Police continues I have decided that temporary chief constable Stuart Hyde should remain suspended.

“As Commissioner, I take all allegations against any police officer seriously.

“The allegations against temporary chief constable Hyde must be addressed in an appropriate manner and following the process set out in the legislative scheme.

“I stress that suspension is a neutral act that will enable a full and thorough investigation by South Wales Police to take place.

“In line with the Police Conduct Regulations a further review will take place within the next four weeks.”

Temporary chief constable Bernard Lawson will continue in his temporary role.