ANGLERS have been warned to discard of their fishing equipment properly - after two young swans were found tangled on fishing hooks and lines on a Lake District lake.

Windermere Lake Wardens, who patrol the largest lake in England, have rescued two cygnets, just off Ferry Nab, Bowness, in the past fortnight.

The first swan was reported tangled on February 9 and the second just four days later when a large fishing hook became stuck in the cygnets’ left foot and a branch had wrapped around the attached line.

In the lead up to spring and summer, the South Lake District Council-run service has warned fisherman to take more care when disposing of loose and potentially deadly equipment.

Warden Dennis Noden said: “We need to warn anglers that if you’re discarding lines, hooks or lures please be aware there is wildlife out there that can easily get tangled up.

“Luckily we are based right on the lake so can usually get to incidents before it escalates into something more serious.”