A SOUTH Lakes wood-worker is off to study in Sweden after winning a top craft scholarship.

Steve Tomlin, a green-wood craftsman from Kendal, has been selected by the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust after presenting his work to a panel of leading crafts people and designers in London.

The funding will enable Steve to spend three weeks this month stud-ying with Fritiof Runhall, a master craftsman based in Sweden, to improve his carving skills and learn decorative techniques.

Working with tradi-tional hand tools and freshly cut timber, he has been carving spoons, bowls and other kitchen-ware for more than 10 years and is recognised as an expert in the craft.

Carving wooden spoons has been enjoying an increase in interest as a pastime, with hundreds of beginners learning to make their own utensils on short courses. The tool-kit is very simple – just an axe and a couple of specialist knives.

Steve’s own work is a combination of elegance with strength for ever-yday use and shows the clean lines of Scandinavian influence.

“This is a fantastic opportunity to immerse myself in a culture which uses so much woodwork in the home”he said.

“It’s also a huge honour to receive the scholarship and be recognised for my work by such a respected organisation.”

The Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust was established in 1990. It recognises craftspeople working at a high level and offers support for training to increase the level of excellence in British crafts. After his trip, Steve will be teaching on a spoon carving course on May 28 at his workshop in Burneside. His work will also be displayed in the ‘Coppice Crafts’ display at Farfield Mill, Sed-bergh, from April 13 to June 2.

Visit www.stevetomlin-crafts.wordpress.com for more details.