A SOUTH Lakeland Conservative councillor has joined the fray over the anti-Thatcher anthem Ding Dong the Witch is Dead.

Windermere Tory Ben Berry is urging Cumbrian supporters of the late former Prime Minister to help propel a rival song to the top of the charts.

He says her fans should buy the 1979 punk rock song I'm in Love with Margaret Thatcher by the Notsensibles.

Coun Berry said: "I don't think the late baroness would want censorship, however vile, but she would be very happy with people using the free market to show how they feel.

"Of course, the irony of her haters buying a song owned by a big American corporation and her fans buying one from some blokes in Northern England isn't entirely lost on me. "

The Notsensibles track I'm in love with Margaret Thatcher is available on Amazon and iTunes. This week's chart toppers will be announced on the BBC tomorrow (Sunday).

Mrs Thatcher's funeral is on Wednesday.