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Cumbria County Council has a hung council, with no one party in overall control.

With 84 councillors in Cumbria, any one party needed 43 councillors or more to gain overall control.

Following the elections held yesterday (2 May), the number of councillors in each party is as follows:

Labour – 35
Conservative – 26
Liberal Democrat – 16
Independent/no party 7


RESULT: Windermere

Stephenson, Jo LD 1162

Lilley, Sandra Isobel  CON 350

Kitson, Marcus Andrew UKIP 227

Henderson, Penny LAB 133


RESULT: Upper Kent

Collins, Stan LD 1099

Hookway, Eric CON 507


RESULT: Lyth Valley

Bland, Jim CON 1146

Rooke, Stephen LD 511

Willmott, Stephen Edward UKIP 196


RESULT: Kendal Strickland and Fell

McCreesh, John LD 980 Braithwaite

Paul Michael LAB 506

Glover, David Peterkin 191

Nightingale, Malcolm James Hamilton UKIP 187

Timson, Pat (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition) 15


RESULT: Kent Estuary

Stewart,  Ian LD 1492

Clark, Steil Redman CON 676

Gilchrist, Alison Faith LAB 159




RESULT: Lancaster rural north

Alycia James   CON 1559
Matthew Hood  LAB  1032
Mark Nelson  UKIP   684
Mark Westcombe  GREEN   265


RESULT: Sedbergh and Kirkby Lonsdale

Cotton, Nick LD 1191

Lancaster, Kevin John CON 1117


RESULT: Grange

Wearing, Bill CON 1,087

Gallagher, Danny LD 729


RESULT: Howgate (Copeland)

Hayman, Susan Mary LAB 692
Haraldsen, Stephen CON 354
Scrivener, Richard GREEN 98


RESULT: Dearham and Broughton (Allerdale)

Clark, Alan LAB 552
Smithson, Colin CON 331
Mawdsley, Richard UKIP 324
Cockburn, Nicola Sonia IND 227
Graham, Helen GREEN 50
Peck, Roger LD 27


RESULT: Kells and Sandwith (Copeland)

Skillicorn, Wendy LAB 717
Whiteside, Brigid Anne CON 218
Nicholson, Frank BNP 188
St. John, Ian GREEN 84


RESULT: Hillcrest and Hensingham (Copeland)

Wharrier, Christine LAB 754
Wonnacott, Andrew William CON 620


RESULT: Alston and East Fellside (Eden)

Robinson, Mary IND 598
Beaty, Kevin Michael CON 433
Hunter, Sara Louisa UKIP 225
Marsden, Alan William GREEN 223
Horne, Helen Marion LAB 173


RESULT: Egremont North and St Bees (Copeland)

Wormstrup, Henry LAB 395
Whiteside, Christopher John CON 382
Armstrong, Lorraine UKIP 296


RESULT: Kirkby Stephen (Eden)

Bateman, Olivia CON 981
Sandell, Ann Valerie LD 466
Lischke, Kevin Erwin Robert UKIP 321


RESULT: Appleby (Eden)

Stephenson, Martin CON 705
Bell, Jane Denise LD 427
Williams, Michael Edward Lincoln UKIP 341


RESULT: Egremont (Copeland)

Southward, David Edward LAB 663
Tyson, Pamela UKIP 345
Gray, Sheena Margaret Jane CON 236
Flint, Erica Lucy GREEN 66


RESULT: Bothel and Wharrels (Allerdale)

Bowness, Alan CON 945
Perry, Jill GREEN 326
Snowden, Christopher John LD 250


RESULT: Cleator Moor West (Copeland)

Morgan, Frank Irvine LAB 771
Currie, Robert Gordon CON 157
Matthys, Jennifer Alice BNP 92


RESULT: Cleator Moor East and Frizington (Copeland)

Knowles, Timothy John LAB 594
Martin, Genna Elaine CON 355
Verity, Daniel Richard BNP 118
Minogue, Mike LD 77
Millar, Sarah GREEN 73


RESULT: Bransty (Copeland)

Weir, Eileen LAB 580
Roberts, Graham Robert Phillip Melville CON 567


RESULT: St John's and Great Clifton (Allerdale)

Holliday, Joseph Simon IND 777
Heaslip, Michael Joseph LAB 469
Hardon, Robert Gibson UKIP 456
Watson, Sharon Josephine GREEN 41


RESULT: Seaton (Allerdale)

Fee, Trevor Matthew IND 520
Tibble, Celia LAB 499
MacLeod, Jean Wilson UKIP 391
Ellis, Gareth Michael CON 74
Grey, Alistair J GREEN 41
Ferris, Deborah Jayne TUSC 34


RESULT: Sedbergh and Kirkby Lonsdale (South Lakeland)

Cotton, Nicholas Charles LD 1191
Lancaster, Kevin John CON 1117



RESULT: Cockermouth North (Allerdale)

Nicholson, Eric William CON 759
Davies, Leonard LAB 663
Crowley, Felicity GREEN 167
Henderson, Juliet Margaret LD 94 


RESULT: Keswick (Allerdale)

Lysser, Andrew David NPS 418
Roberts, Phillip John LD 370
Munby, Ronald CON 251
Atherton, Philip Andrew LAB 189
Pugmire, Martin IND 175
Rigg, Peter George Rowland GREEN 107


RESULT: Castle (Carlisle)

Whalen, Willie LAB 460
Luckley, Olwyn Doreen LD 263
Jennings, Lawrence Mark UKIP 227
Reynolds, Kevin CON 120
Hunt, Richard Sebastian GREEN 45
Long, Jody TUSC 20


RESULT: Maryport South (Allerdale)

Little, Keith Anthony LAB 905
Charlton, Dawn BNP 811
Bechelli, Amanda Jane UKIP 127
Hayhurst, Mark IND 78
Haraldsen, Elaine CON 63
Armstrong, Richard James GREEN 22


RESULT Eden Lakes (Eden)

Hughes, Neil LD 884
Lowther, Thomas Scott Anthony CON 755
Wylie, Georgina Mary LAB 109


RESULT: Penrith Rural (Eden)

Strong, Gary Brian CON 1074
Bowen, John Grattan LD 343


RESULT: Greystoke and Hesket (Eden)

Richardson, Albert Pearson CON 723
Donald, Claire Amanda UKIP 331
Burgin, Roger LD 312


Overall Lib Dems hold 13 seats in South Lakeland - gaining two.

Labour gained one and there will now be four Conservative councillors from South Lakeland on the county council



Quite a tight result for High Furness but Lib Dem David Fletcher takes the lead with 777 votes.

Muncaster, Jane Margaret Louise CON 721

Keegan, Mark UKIP 301

Rajan, Bharath LAB 170


RESULT: Kendal Highgate

Cook, Geoff LD 873

Molloy, Marilyn LAB 292

Bownass, Susan Mary UKIP 181

Hayek, Joe CON 133


RESULT: Longtown (Carlisle)

Tarbitt, Val CON 556
Parker, Susan UKIP 337
Dodds, Robert LAB 248
Richardson, Marjorie Jannette LD 39


Lib Dems also take Kendal Nether with Shirley Evans gaining 1,049 votes.

It's all cheers again for the Lib Dems as it is announced Heidi Halliday takes the Lakes seat with 831, over Ben Berry's (CON) 584 and Sarah Costello's (LAB) 99



RESULT: Wetheral (Carlisle)

Marriner, Nick CON 668
Round, Geoff UKIP 442
Burns, Rob LAB 345
Wood, David John LD 171
Brewis, Dallas Jane GREEN 72


RESULT: Castle (Carlisle)

Whalen, Willie LAB 460
Luckley, Olwyn Doreen LD 262
Jennings, Lawrence Mark UKIP 227
Reynolds, Kevin CON 120
Hunt, Richard Sebastian GREEN 45
Long, Jody TUSC 20


RESULT: Houghton and Irthington (Carlisle)

Mallinson, John CON 792
Weaver, Carol UKIP 423
Champney, Gerard Elliot LAB 289


RESULT: Stanwix Urban (Carlisle)

Mallinson, Elizabeth Anne CON 779
Parker, Kevin LAB 580
Chapman, Paul Martin UKIP 335
Davison, Helen GREEN 138
Nash, Philip Antony LD 76



RESULT: Yewdale (Carlisle)

Furneaux, Beth LAB 837
Stanyer, John Brian UKIP 465
Prest, Judy CON 444


RESULT: Harraby North (Carlisle)

Weber, Cyril Frederick LAB 748
Haughan, Eddie UKIP 242
Randall, Michael CON 138
Graham, Hazel Jane GREEN 31


RESULT: Brampton (Carlisle)

Fisher, Lawrence Neil CON 619
Bartlett, Graham LAB 311
Forster, Chris UKIP 289
Jones, Terry LD 81


Clare Feeney Johnson, who won the Kendal Castle seat, said:

"I am really pleased to be given the opportunity to work for my area for the next four years. I have really enjoyed the last four years and feel I can add a lot more value to the South Lakeland area. I would like to thank everyone who supported me."


RESULT: Belah (Carlisle)

Toole, Alan CON 837
Douglass, Phil UKIP 494
Cartwright, Corinna LAB 480


RESULT: Corby and Hayton (Carlisle)

Graham, William James IND 1083
Parsons, Doreen Heather CON 390


RESULT: Old Barrow (Barrow-in-Furness)

Murphy, John David LAB 623
Morley, Anthony Komarof UKIP 270


RESULT: Wigton (Allerdale)

Liddle, Roger John LAB 660
Cowell, Joseph CON 519
Warren, Brian Thomas NPS 327
Stafford, Paul BNP 77
Miles, Charles Arthur Alfred LD 75
Todd, Allan GREEN 57


RESULT: Hawcoat (Barrow-in-Furness)

Roberts, David CON 727
Melling, Rebecca Jane LAB 312
Bowron, Geoff UKIP 309


RESULT: Newbarns and Parkside (Barrow-in-Furness)

Murphy, Jane Amelia LAB 565
Macur, Tina CON 300
Rudd, Colin John UKIP 276
Hammond, Lisa IND 70


RESULT: Walney South (Barrow-in-Furness)

Telford, Mandy LAB 705
Marcus, David CON 242
Pollard, John Edward UKIP 201


Roger Bingham wins the Lower Kentdale seat with 1,390 votes


RESULT: Moss Bay and Moorclose (Allerdale)

Humes, Gerald LAB 737
Stoddart, Stephen IND 717
Lishman, Neville John CON 72


RESULT: Harraby South (Carlisle)

Earl, Deborah Anne LAB 568
Bowman, Marilyn Louise CON 345
Owen, Michael John UKIP 272
Gee, Michael Anthony LD 75
Brewis, Ian Duncan Livingston GREEN 21


RESULT: Maryport North (Allerdale)

McCarron-Holmes, Carneen LAB 676
Kemp, George Masterton IND 580
Jefferson, Clive BNP 348
Bechelli, Michael UKIP 198
Danmole-Ellis, Shai CON 105
Smith, Geoff GREEN 87


RESULT: Roosecote (Barrow-in-Furness)

Wall, Helen LAB 774
Guselli, Ray CON 571
Dufour, Jo-Anne UKIP 280


Lib Dems also win Kendal Highgate with Geoff Cook gaining 873 votes, and Kendal South with 1,275 people choosing Brenda Gray as their county councillor


RESULT: Dalton North (Barrow-in-Furness)

Doughty, Barry John LAB 603
English, Des CON 275
Martin, Clynton UKIP 239
Severn, Matthew James LD 29


RESULT: Lower Kentdale (South Lakeland)

Bingham, Roger Kenneth CON 1390
Brown, Victor Ronald LD 654
Goddard, Alan Lester UKIP 156
Bateson, John Anthony LAB 131


Clare Feeney-Johnson (LD) wins the Kendal Castle seat with 1,333 votes.

Andy Gardiner (CON) had 322 votes, Tony Rothwell (LAB) 173


RESULT: Dalston and Burgh (Carlisle)

Allison, Trevor LD 704
Collier, John Richard CON 582
Dickinson, Robert UKIP 273
Stevenson, Allan LAB 231


RESULT: Aspatria (Allerdale)

Lister, James Philip CON 483
Finlay, William IND 385
Coe, Denise Susan LAB 304
Barnett, Christopher BNP 51
Scott, Margrit Wendy LD 37


Rod Wilson (LD), who retained his Cartmel seat with 1,209 votes over Tom Harvey's (CON) 575, said:

"I am really pleased. You are always slightly nervous at the elections, but it's always re-assuring when it goes your way.

"It means I can continue to work with people I have got to know and see through the things I have started."

Lib Dem Westmorland and Lonsdale MP Tim Farron said it was looking good for the party across the district.

He said: "It looks like we have held all of our 11 seats and probably gained a 12th, maybe also a 13th.

"I am very grateful and quite touched that local people have stuck with us."



RESULT: Denton Holme (Carlisle)

McDevitt, Hugh LAB 705
Warmingham, John Duncan UKIP 234
Eden, Barbara CON 146
Tucker, James Liam GREEN 103
Higginson, Grahame TUSC 40
Spencer, Michael Richard LD 20


RESULT: Penrith West (Eden)

Fearon, Helen Jane CON 344
Tompkins, John Michael LD 313
Wright, Rosemary Ann Odendaal UKIP 151
Clark, Margaret IND 138
Wylie, Bruce Anthony LAB 104


RESULT: Morton (Carlisle)

Bell, John LAB 890
Butterfield, Simon UKIP 429
Bainbridge, James Robert CON 216


RESULT: Botcherby (Carlisle)

Betton, Robert William IND 568
Alcroft, Ruth Elizabeth LAB 418
Nedved, Paul Nigel Hamilton CON 284
Strong, Ivan UKIP 200


RESULT: Penrith North (Eden)

Carrick, Hilary Frances CON 627
Silson, Shaun Michael LD 531
Sandilands, Gordon UKIP 244
Rockliffe-King, Geoffrey LAB 161


RESULT: Low Furness

Willis, Janet LD 872

Diss, Simon Michael 589

Cooper, Phillip Gregory LAB 278


RESULT: Ormsgill (Barrow-in-Furness)

McEwan, William LAB 565
Hamezeian, Jim PP 256
Millard, Kay Angela UKIP 163
McClure, Wendy Ada CON 151


RESULT: Currock (Carlisle)

Watson, Reg LAB 551
Stanyer, Janet Elizabeth UKIP 188
Evans, Terri CON 154
Boothman, Neil GREEN 94
Walsh, Elizabeth TUSC 33
Matthys, Angus Jim BNP 20


RESULT: Penrith East (Eden)

Bell, Patricia Anne LD 753
Jackson, Scott Michael CON 241
Sencier, Daniel UKIP 190
Ayers, Jamie LAB 152


RESULT Hindpool (Barrow-in-Furness)

Burns, Anne LAB 677
Walker, Thomas Noel UKIP 176
Richardson, Jack CON 137



Risedale (Barrow-in-Furness)

Hamilton, Kevin LAB 594
Matthews, Noel UKIP 262
McClure, Rory CON 100


Cheers fill the leisure centre as it is announced that Lib Dems win Cartmel divison with Rod Wilson beating Tom Harvey 1,209 votes to 575


RESULT: Ulverston East

Wilson, Mark LAB 609

Hornby, Peter 391

Hudson, Andrew 116

O'Hara, Robert 109



James Airey retains his Conservative seat for Ulverston West

RESULT: Ulverston West

Airey, James CON 834

Clough, John Victor LAB 557

Martin, Paul Joseph 239

Loynes, Christopher GREEN 107

Nicholson, Maureen LD 61


James Airey has retained his Ulverston West seat for the Conservatives.

Labour's Mark Wilson has won Ulverston East.


Just under a third of people eligible to vote in yesterday's Cumbria County Council elections turned out at polling stations.

But South Lakeland recorded the highest turnout, with nearly 40 per cent.

Overall in Cumbria, the turnout was 32.1 per cent.

The figures were:
South Lakeland - 39.8 per cent 
Allerdale - 34.4 per cent 
Eden - 32.4 per cent 
Carlisle - 30.6 per cent
Copeland - 27.2 per cent
Barrow - 23.8 per cent


RESULT: Risedale (Barrow-in-Furness)

Hamilton, Kevin LAB 594
Matthews, Noel UKIP 262
McClure, Rory CON 100


Turnout in South Lakeland was 39.7 per cent


RESULT: Upperby (Carlisle)

Young, Stewart Farries LAB 870
Fisher, Charlotte Ann CON 226
Osler, James Ernest LD 130
Kennedy, Brent TUSC 84
Bromley, Elaine Judith GREEN 60


RESULT: Belle Vue (Carlisle)

Stockdale, Ian LAB 760
Ridley, Oliver Cartner CON 393


RESULT: Dalton South (Barrow-in-Furness)

Wilson, Ernie LAB 534
Bleasdale, Bill CON 279
Shepherd, Andy UKIP 236
Bell, Timothy John NPS 63


RESULT: St Michael's (Allerdale)

Barry, Alan Lawrence LAB 701
Jenkinson, Mark Ian UKIP 543
Lamb, Arthur William Creighton CON 89
Roy, Jane Christine GREEN 34


RESULT: Walney North (Barrow-in-Furness)

Worth, Melvyn Henry LAB 791
Thompson, Raymond George UKIP 313


RESULT: Thursby (Allerdale)

Fairbairn Duncan Stewart CON 966
Wright, Eric LAB 250
Standen, Dianne GREEN 100
Snowden, Eleanor Mary LD 83



Counting is underway at Lakes Leisure, Kendal, where ballots in South Lakeland's county council seats are being totted up.



THE county could be set for a major political shake-up with council elections.

The race for a place on Cumbria County Council has brought several surprises already, including the news that Conservative and current leader, Eddie Martin, will stand down.

The official list of candidates has increased tensions across the county, with 11 political parties vying to break up Cumbria’s current Conservative-Labour coalition.

There are 316 candidates standing for the council’s 84 seats.

Currently the council is made up of 39 Conservative, 24 Labour, 14 Liberal Democrat, four independent and two genuine independent members.

There is also one vacancy, which has arisen in Carlisle as a result of boundary changes.

In South Lakeland there are 18 seats, with a Conservative and Lib Dem candidate standing in all wards.

Labour are fielding a candidate in 11.

In Eden, where there are nine seats available, the Conservatives have put a candidate in all wards, with the Lib Dems in eight and Labour in five.

But in both districts the UK Independence Party (UKIP) will field seven candidates, putting up 52 across Cumbria as a whole.

This is a dramatic rise since the last county election, when the party stood just four.

The county will also see a reduction in the number of BNP candidates, from 41 to nine.

The release of candidates names has also brought surprise, with several well-loved members standing down.

Across South Lakeland all but three of the current county councillors will be re-standing.

But Tom Clare (Lib Dem) in Kendal Castle, Claire Salisbury (Con) in High Furness and David Earnshaw (Lib Dem) in Lakes are leaving their seats.

Jill Heath (Con) in Dalton North will also stand down, while South Lakeland District Council leader, Peter Thornton, is giving up his seat in Kirkby Stephen to concentrate on his district commitments.

The Lakes seat vacated by Coun Earnshaw is certain to prove a nail-biter, as current South Lakeland councillors Heidi Halliday (Lib Dem) and Ben Berry (Con) are set to go head-to-head, along with Labour’s Rebecca Costello.

The Sedbergh and Kirkby Lonsdale seat could also be one to watch, with current county and parish councillor, Kevin Lancaster (Con) up against district councillor, Nick Cotton (Lib Dem).

The council’s current cabinet met for their final meeting before the election last week.

Coun Martin hailed the success of the coalition and thanked fellow councillors for their support during his time in office.

This, he said, will include his party reducing the number of councils and councillors, continuing to freeze council tax, investing in schools, roads and frontline services and creating more jobs.

The Labour party in Cumbria say they will be ‘rising to the challenge’ by protecting elderly residents and ensuring the future of Sure Start Children’s Centres, School Clothing Grants and subsidised bus travel.

They also plan to protect the fire service against plans by the coalition government to privatise it.

The Lib Dems say they will also cut the number of councils, as well as provide long-term sustainable growth, make Cumbria a business destination which supports green innovation, ensure quick and effective repairs for potholes and broken roads, implement early support for children, reduce speeds on the road and keep recycling centres open.

The Green Party, which has fielded two candidates in South Lakeland, said they will encourage responsible management of nuclear waste at Sellafield, support credit unions, support ‘Food for Life Partnership’ in schools, support ‘20's plenty’ speed limits, fight to enhance care provision and support the removal of council tax discounts on second homes and use the money to protect local services.

UKIP said they will ‘start with wind turbines, those unsightly, occasionally moving objects’.

Instead, they say they will prioritise wave power.


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