PLANS to add an extension to a South Lakeland business have been turned down due to concerns that it would have been unneighbourly. Storth Machinery’s director Alan Looker had applied to South Lakeland District Council for permission to add an industrial building, parking, landscaping and a bund to shield the development in Moss Lane, Burton-in-Kendal, where it already has a warehouse. But after Catherine Betley, whose property is right beside the site, voiced her concerns to members of the planning committee, the plan was refused. Mrs Betley told the meeting: “We have had two and a half years of building work, traffic noise and disruption, issues with people working around our house morning, noon and night. It has a significant impact on our property. “We have very little confidence that any planning conditions would be enforced. Why does the new building have to be right beside our house?” Coun Roger Bingham also wrote to the committee to object on the grounds of the plan’s ‘bulk and proximity’ to housing. Around 50 people are currently employed at Storth, which is based at Holme where it has two sites in addition to the one in Burton-in-Kendal, and was described by the applicant’s agent Ian Hunter as a ‘successful local business providing jobs and helping the rural community’. It manufactures and services slurry handling equipment. Coun Brenda Gray said: “I think it is the most unfriendly development we have had in some time and I count the applications we had from Sainsbury’s to build a store close to houses in Ulverston.” Coun David Williams felt the plan was acceptable. He said: “I feel we ought to grant permission. It is 31 metres from their (the Betley’s) house. There would be some loss of privacy but we must put that in balance with the fact we are constantly told to build where employment will be created. These are large employers.” But Coun Ryder said: “I do have sympathy for the company wanting to grow but we cannot let them destroy that house (the Betley’s). I think the bund would stop winter sun from reaching the house, and if you do that you might as well knock the house down. We should refuse this and expect the company to come back to us with another plan.”